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Paperback fiction

 more and harder erotic fiction gay bdsm sm CP sadomasochism Morgan Idol Checkmate London England United Kingdom UK skinhead squaddie soldier rope bondage backpacking shorts gay bdsm skin motorbiker soldier boot submissive CP skinhead leather rubber military combat wrestling submission paintball fantasy roleplay boots uniform boxing interrogation tawse

More and Harder, by Morgan

ISBN 0352-334-37 1

280 pages

Third edition available from September 2010. Published as an Idol paperback by Virgin Publishing in August 1999 in the UK and September 1999 in the USA. Second edition published in Spring 2002 by Virgin Boobs.
"More and Harder" has been reviewed in the press including London's Time Out.

 "More and Harder" is a fictional erotic autobiography of Mark, an English sadomasochist. It draws heavily on the real-life experiences of the author. The many episodes cover his continuing adventures from 1978 to the present day as recorded in letters to friends at the time.

Mark's fictional adventures begin when he started motorbike riding with a Hells Angel gang in 1978 - they told him he was "queer" - and progress through 1980s leather biker slave and gay skinhead culture.

After the death in 1989 of his skinhead lover from AIDS, friends put Mark on a Greyhound bus to meet a renowned American military-SM Top: Mark's subsequent experiences as a "Prisoner of War" opened up a rich new seam of fantasies. He describes encounters with individual Commandos, Legionnaires and veterans from the former East German army. "More and Harder" continues to late 1990s gay squaddie, human pony and leather SM experiences in Europe and North America set up using the Internet.

Some of Mark's fictional adventures read as extreme or contrary to current safety advice from educational groups such as SM Gays and GMFA. He describes in fiction an era of consensual sadomasochism in England where individual responsibility and common sense about safety and a belief that "there must be others like me out there" fuelled creative fantasy fulfilment.

"More and Harder" - list of contents:

Introduction - Rough Bikers in Berkshire - CPBB and The Metropolitan Bikers - Suburbia - Replies to your Questions, Sir - The Wirral - Biker Bondage in the woods - Biker in the Cellar - New Cross and Den Haag - Ball-weight stuck on - New Year in Holland - Holland again - Jersey, Channel Islands - Lockable ball-weight - Unsustainable skinhead lifestyle - Redhill slave training - Amsterdam New Year 1985 - Master Jim, Frosterley, County Durham - Skinhead Video - Blind Date at LAX - The Black Party - Skinhead Shaving - Prince Albert - Questions from a respectful slave to his new Master - Buttplugs and Boxing - Fantasy Training session - CP Skinhead Rick - Joseph: LA Cop - 'The Green Shorts' and Dartmoor - Grease Belt and Boot slave - Skinhead Party - Greasing and blackballing - Skinhead New Year party - Thailand - West Berlin - The Earls Court Leather bar - Devil's Punch Bowl - Wimbledon Common - Peter W: RIP - Mark goes to Jail - TA BFT - Start of a New Decade: New Year 1990 - Christening my New Boots - Mark goes to Jail II - CP fantasy: the Tawse - Dartmoor Hiking - Mark goes to Jail '90 III - Night Run Training - Mark's Two Month US holiday - 'The Stockade' - South Holland, Il - City of Churches - Charleston, South Carolina - Merced, Yosemite and San Francisco - Tucson, Arizona - Casper, Wyoming - Sunny downtown Burbank, California - Toronto - New York wrestling - Corporal Punishment in Wales and London - Camerone '92 - Légion Étrangère - Birthday in Switzerland - Denver, Colorado - The Beast of Croydon - Brabant Soldiers Camp '92 - Running Steve to Southfields - Lake District in the snow - Potential Brig-Rat - Canal towpath running - Hard-steel gift from Otto - Military Training - Obedience training and a Living Scupture - Berlin, May 1993 - Gay-Soldaten Köln Uniform-Wochenede - Berlin Military Training - Recruit Training at the bunker - Cotswolds Adventure Training - Recruit Training - Training at the Bunker - CP frame - Légionnaire encounter - The Masochism of Urban Running - Gay-Soldaten Köln: Eifel - Adventure Training - Dartmoor - Gay-Soldaten Köln - 'Fälscher Hase' (Funny Bunnies) - Weekend at the bunker - Severe pain on the National Health Service - Squaddie Train Trip - Pony Day Out - 'Playpen' slave night

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Magazine articles

List of articles published by Morgan in Checkmate (CM) and Dungeonmaster (DM) magazines

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Hard steel


Mark goes to jail



Anal sex


Polishing boots



Sexual Fantasies and Fantasy Realisation


SM disasters



Recreational cell-stays


The bunker



Sex, motorbikes and sadomasochism


Pervert your own



Vagevuur slave night


Slave sexuality



Japanese Rope bondage (Hojojutsu)


Correctional training - is your slave...dirt?



Pony Day Out


Masturbation control



Kinky Weight Training


Recruit training



Motorbikes, bikers and the fetish view from the pavement


Stainless steel chastity devices



Heros and Hard Images to Follow


The masochism of urban running



Chastity Devices - at last, one that works?


Medical Examinations



Sportskit:: But Is It Hard SM?


Imaginative corporal punishment



Mark Goes Back To Jail

CM 36

Condoms in sm



Corporal Punishment: Your First Stripes

CM 37

One Master, two slaves



Gun-sex: another taboo subject



Long-distance masochism



Two Masters, one slave



Submission wrestling



Animal role-play




Checkmate magazine

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Magazine articles | Photography | Biographical Information

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A selection of Morgan's photographs are published by the Vagevuur in Holland in their the Vagevuur Photo Book 2001


Some Morgan photographs published on magazine covers

Checkmate 15


Mach 30

Itch 3

Mr SM 61

Toy 94

Toy 41


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Magazine articles | Photography | Biographical Information


Biographical Information

Morgan has been contributing articles to European and American gay-SM publications since the early 1980s including a regular article in every issue of Checkmate for the last six years.

Morgan was aged four years when his father first roped him into a darkroom to assist in printing electron photomicrographs. Now a keen photographer, his pictures have been published internationally and occasionally been exhibited: most recently at London SM Gays' 10th anniversary "Dungeon in the Sky". Since then his pictures have been published in Europe and the US.

Morgan was last seen leaving on a plane for Germany with instructions to arrive wearing boots, lederhosen and a buttplug for a week of hiking in the Alps carrying a rucksack containing four housebricks.


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Magazine articles | Photography | Biographical Information


Contact Information

Morgan lives in London, England

Electronic mail address: Morgan

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Magazine articles | Photography | Biographical Information

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