Interview with Morgan, sm author and photographer

How would you introduce yourself?

I live in London, I'm a biker, I'm gay and have found lots of fun from sadomasochistic fantasies in real-life.

How did you come to write "More and Harder"?

"More and Harder" started life as a compilation of my descriptions of my adventures. To make it suitable for publication all the names and some details have had to be changed but the stories are based on autobiographical experiences.

Why the title "More and Harder?"

The title originates from a set of instructions one Master gave me early on. I had to write to him submissively in letters referring to myself always in small letters (lower case) so "I " became "i" even at the beginning of a sentence.

During the training sessions he insisted that i refer to him as "Sir" and that i should begin and end every sentence with "Sir".

While he was being particularly vicious he insisted that i use only very limited vocabulary - just the words "Yes", "Please", "Sir", "More", "Harder". When he was doing something he would ask me "Is that ok slave?" and I would have to reply "Sir, More Sir" or "Sir Harder please Sir". "Would you like tit-clips, slave?" with the reply "Sir Yes please Sir". So it was a slave vocabulary game that's the origin of the title "More and Harder".

Have you always liked sadomasochism?

I don't think so. I think it grew on me as a "rebel" activity, something that I did that was fun and different than settling down and having 2.4 kids in a semi-detached suburban house.

How did you come across sadomasochism?

I moved into a house-share with some mates who'd got jobs in the same area. I'd been riding a motorbike as a practical means of transport - I was working work shifts and couldn't rely on public transport and I didn't have a car licence but you can ride a bike on learner "L" plates unsupervised. Once I had a bike I found other bikers including "Outlaw bikers" and some who described themselves as "Hells Angels". To become accepted by them I went through some rather lurid (and frankly unhygienic) initiation experiences which are described in the book.

Did you get on well with the rough bikers?

Yes, for about three months until they told me that I was gay and introduced me to some "queer" bikers.

How did you get into sadomasochism?

A lot of the rough bikers' initiations would be described as sm. And after my involvement with them finished I suppose I was trying out being gay by answering "Lonely hearts" personal adverts in the London magazine "Time Out". By introducing myself as a biker I was picked up mostly by sm tops because there was a lot of common ground between being a leather biker and being a leather slave. As it happens I was a leather slave who was also genuinely a leather biker.

Does pain turn you on?

Yes, to an extent: apply pain and if my head is in a suitable fantasy area, my cock gets hard.

Are you "Top" or "bottom"?

I started off very definitely as a leather biker slave. AS I came to know more about sm fantasies I understood to differentiate between a "slave" and a "bottom" or "sub". As I understand it, a "slave" is someone who wants to live the sm-slave life all-day every day and a "sub" likes the same fantasy but does not wish it to be full-time. The same distinction applies to the terms "Master" and "Top".

Most of my enjoyable sm experiences have been as a "sub". I have occasionally tried to act the "Top" but although I have received praise for my technique, the experience doesn't turn me on, so why do it?

Do you enjoy having a belt or tawse drawn across your buttocks?

The whole thing about corporal punishment is that the punishment itself hurts like crazy if properly applied but the fantasy surrounding it is a huge turn-on.

Any idea why?

It seems to a combination of feeling that you can "take it like a man" and a rush of adrenalin or endorphins that give the sensation of pleasure. But I keep going back for more to check!

Does corporal punishment make you feel submissive?

I think that's the wrong way round - you have to be submissive to set up a situation where you are about to submit to corporal punishment. And afterwards, having survived that which you were previously apprehensive about, is a great feeling of elation which is quite possibly not a submissive reaction.

How do you see soldier fantasies fitting in to this?

A soldier is a trained component of a fighting machine. He has self-respect, is responsible for his actions and proud of his skills which he puts at the disposal of the authority whose discipline he accepts. In the unusual situation of being captured, as a Prisoner of War, he must resist interrogation. All of these situations are fertile grounds for sm fantasies, many of which I describe in "More and Harder".

And pony fantasies?

Very similar: a horse is a beast of burden controlled by its driver so by harness a human slave in a similar position you create a very potent fantasy for the participants although possibly for uninvolved spectators the result may not be visually convincing.

Question on bondage which might be of interest - If you are in bondage do you ever feel afraid the other guy will go beyond agreed limits and you could be killed or severely injured?

This is at the heart of what is meant by consensual sadomasochism. From my own experience I have met remarkably few Tops who I would consider to be potentially dangerous. One encounter is related in More and Harder which is based on my experiences following an advert in an American bondage magazine. Consensual sadomasochism is fundamentally based on trust and unless you can establish a basis of trust in advance then it's not worth continuing. That's what the various advice like "meet in a public place" relates to. By the time you are tied up as a sub you need to be convinced that you will be treated seriously and within agreed and realistic limits.

How would you state your "limits"?

I usually state three

  1. Safe sex only involving no exchange of body fluids, no permanent body modifications like tattoos and visible hair to remain as is. No prolonged cold - being made ill is not welcome.
  2. The agreed duration only - I have other responsibilities in my life (like work) so missing return flights or trains is unwelcome
  3. Emotional safety - no involvement in emotionally sensitive subjects like family or past relationships. I don't want to be made clinically mad. Also some subjects are tasteless or insensitive for use in interrogation.

How do you feel about everyone knowing your sex life? Friends and total strangers? Ever cause any problems?

Mostly people seem genuinely interested in my adventures and I enjoy relating them. I see this type of sex-life a as series of adventures and enjoy contributing my bit to the general pool of fantasies. Details of personal relationships are different and I consider those private. The names of people and places have been changed in More and Harder to protect and respect peoples' privacy.

"More and Harder" mentions skinheads a lot. How did you move from being a long-haired biker to being skinhead?

Long-haired bikers had the wrong image - wearing actual biker leathers in "The Coleherne" was a sure ticket to go home alone because the gay world is about fantasies. So Tom of Finland's drawings of fantasy bikers the leathers are always skin-tight. Long-haired bikers might also be assumed to be queer-bashers. And to be a skinhead was a new rebel image. Not many gays would go around with short-cropped hair. Also being cropped fitted being an sm slave with the head and body hair cropping being done by the Master as part of a sex-scene. So being a "skinhead" was a fashionable cover for being a sex-slave in public. The cropping comes partly from military practice and partly from making the sm sub less of a man by removing his hair.

Was it easy to be a skinhead?

Well the boots and MA1 jacket were readily available in Camden and Walworth Road, you got the braces from Woolworths and Fred Perry shirts had tight half-sleeves that showed off your bicep and that was the start. But you don't become a skinhead just by wearing the kit.

Oh..tell me more....

You'll have to read "More and Harder"

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